Zombie Comic Books 11

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101. ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction


With public patience for Middle East casualties wearing thin, the U.S. military adopts a new weapon – zombies!

Air-dropped into hot zones, the walking dead indiscriminately infect everyone.

Engineered to dissolve at daybreak, they create a safe combatant-free zone. What could possibly go wrong?

Has nothing to do with the Zombies of Mass Destruction movie!

102. Zombee


A dutiful Samurai, a madcap Ninja and a bizarro Zen Monk team up to battle the undead in Feudal Japan.


103. Zombie


The dead roam the earth, a small town in New York State is under siege and human flesh is what’s for dinner!

And humanity’s last hope is hiding out in a little rest-stop on Interstate 90.

Excellent story, very good artwork… and it’s cheap!!! :))))

104. Zombie Boy


The story follows Zombie Boy in his funny adventures filled with monsters.

105. Zombie Broadway


New York is attacked by zombies that can be distracted by music… so why not put up a show?

106. Zombie Commandos from Hell


The dead awake and the first colony finds enemies within its own borders as the hospital and morgue zombies lead the first assault while their heavy fighters are on the front lines.

107. Zombie Highway


Zombie Highway is an action/comedy comic about road tripping… with zombies.

108. Zombie King


A new breakthrough in medicine is here. A new drug that can mend bones, reconnect nerves and even reanimate dead cells.

Only one pharmaceutical company has it and only they know the drug’s dark secrets and the price of immortality.

How far will they go to keep it all? How far will others go to take it?

109. Zombie Monkey Monster Jamboree


I dunno.. I think this one’s for little kids… I’m too afraid to find out though, so you figure it out!

110. Zombie Proof


For 20 years, the citizens of San Rosina, Texas have thought locksmith Billy Bob Driwahl was at least a little crazy… because he offered the rather unusual service of ‘zombie-proofing’ in his Yellow Pages ad.

Now that the world’s being overrun by zombies, though, he’s ready for them.

Are you ready?

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