Zombie Comic Books 12

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111. Zombie Sama!


Twenty-something slacker Jim Okami’s day couldn’t get any worse.

The Sushi shop’s delivery boy lost a tip due to a flat bicycle tire, got dumped by his girlfriend for a rich, blond surfer, and now the entire world is being eaten alive by biologically infected zombies!

112. Zombie Tales

A collection of various zombie comics. Includes the works of authors such as Andrew Cosby, Keith Giffen, John Rogers, Mike Nelson, Joe Abraham and others.

Definitely do not let this one pass you!

113. Zombie Tales – The Series

114. Zombie Tales – Death Valley

115. Zombie War – Earth Must Be Destroyed


An alien raises the dead on our world out of revenge.

116. Zombie World – Champion Of Worms


A tale about a reanimated priest from an ancient cult and the zombie outbreak he creates in order to sacrifice mankind to his dark gods.

There are more stories from Zombie World

Zombie World – Dead End

Zombie World – Home for the Holidays

Zombie World – Winter’s Dregs

117. Zombies Calling


Joss’s life sucks. She’s in the middle of university exams, up to her neck in student loans, and when she’s attacked by zombies, her roommates have the nerve to think she’s making it up.

But when the zombies turn out to be terrifyingly real, only Joss knows how to survive the undead invasion: by following the Rules of Zombie Movies.

“Zombies calling to the faraway towns

Now war is declared, and battle come down” :D

118. Zombies Vs. Robots (Zombies vs. Robots and Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons)


It started with a simple idea – mindless robots fighting rabid zombies, over the fate of the last living human baby.

And then the amazons came.

119. Zombies!: Eclipse Of The Undead


They began to appear just three days ago, and now Los Angeles is a city overcrowded by zombies.

In the Coliseum Refugee Camp, thousands of survivors are waiting for an evacuation that never comes.

Between them are Brad, the student; Paquita, the barrio girl; Lonzo the gangsta, and the always-smiling martial arts master, Shigeru… and they’ll have to join forces to survive the zombies and the other refugees!

120. Zombies!: Feast


An event of nightmarish proportions has begun!

The dead are walking the Earth and tearing the living limb from limb in an endless pursuit to quench their insatiable hunger for flesh.

Yet not all killers are undead.

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