Zombie Comic Books 4

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31. Evil Ernie


Evil Ernie is an psycho undead… and there’s a ton of material about him!

32. Fear the Dead: A Zombie Survivor’s Journal


A first person point of view on Zombie Survival. Each full page panel by a different comic artist. Over 20 different artists including Eric Powell, Norm Breyfogle, Matt Dixon, Jay Fotos, Vincent Locke, Kieron Dwyer plus others.

Visually very impressive… a lot of the pics of this novel are all over the web (redisigned :) ) and you’re bound to recognize one or two.

The narrative part of the novel is similarly very good.

A must have!

33. Grave Grrrls: Destroyers of the Dead


A new nano-technology developed to cure Alzheimer’s disease is raising the dead.

34. Toe Tags

A female survivor, her zombie boyfriend and an elephant… think about it!

35. Highschool of the Dead


A mysterious illness is spreading rapidly through the halls of Fujimi High School. In a matter of hours, the campus is transformed from a place of learning into a hive of nightmares, as the infected students collapse and are reborn as flesh-hungry zombies!

36. Homicide: Tears of the Dead


Rick used to be an average teenager.

He liked heavy metal music, had long hair, rebelled against authority figures, and his life seemed to end when his girlfriend moved away.

That was before Rick fell victim to Evil Ernie, a psychopathic, teen-aged zombie.

As a member of the reanimated undead, Rick had direction and purpose for the first time.

Renamed “Homicide,” he worked his way up in the ranks of the undead legions, becoming Ernie’s second-in-command.

Homicide had his own ideas and eventually broke away from Ernie, taking many followers with him.

37. Horror of Collier County


Everyone knows that the state of Florida can be a pretty scary place — swamps, alligators, bugs the size of small cars, zombies … zombies?!

Escaping the stresses of city life, a young single mom visits her own mother in the hurricane state, only to find more tension — and of a seriously freakish nature.

38. Johnny Dynamite


A private eye from Chicago in a psychotronic/occult/period piece fighting zombies with crime on their undead mind.

39. King Zombie


A new breakthrough in medicine is here. A new drug that can mend bones, reconnect nerves and even reanimate dead cells.

Only one pharmaceutical company has it and only they know the drug’s dark secrets and the price of immortality.

40. Kolchak Tales Night Stalker of the Living Dead


Everybody hates them. But that appears to be exactly what Carl Kolchak finds to be stalking among the cornstalks in the small heartland town of Georges Corner, Nebraska.

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