Zombie Comic Books 5

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41. Land of the Dead


Better than the movie but the same story.

42. Lazarus Chronicles


Nanotechnology gone wrong.

43. Last Blood


Humans find their only hope in the fight against zombies are vampires.

44. Living with the Dead


Two survivors of a global catastrophe disguise themselves as corpses to survive in a land of the walking dead.

45. Living with Zombies


Why say anything when it’s just a click away…

Issue No. 1

46. Marvel Zombies

It sucks! But visually it’s really good… but it sucks! There are different series and all in all you could get lost.

47. Moonstone Monsters – Zombies


Moonstone brings you three all-new tales of the risen dead!

Starting with “Voodoo Detective”, a New Orleans stage singer is mysteriously murdered, and her brother hires some rather unusual help to find the killer.

The corporate zombie tale “Crime and Authority” reminds us that all zombies aren’t necessarily dead.

Then, behind the scenes at a Mushroom processing company, we will experience the dangers of unhappy employees landing a literal “Dead End Job”.

48. Mortal Souls


A police detective, qabala, zombies… interesting

49. Night of the Living Dead – Back from the Grave

A group of young people camping in the woods… :D

50. Night of the Living Dead – Barbara’s Zombie Chronicles


I allways wondered what happened with Barbara after the night of the living dead. Now I know! Do you?

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