Zombie Comic Books 6

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51. Night of the Living Dead – Hunger


A story of what else happened during the night of the living dead.

If you see it on the Internet please drop us a message!

52. Night of the Living Dead – Just A Girl


You remember Karen, the little girl from the Night of the living dead? You know, the one who got bitten. Well this is her story, and it’s a good one!

53. Night of the Living Dead – Prelude


A pretty decent black and white prelude to the night of the living dead, the interesting black and white drawings really set the mood.

54. Night of the Living Dead – The Beginning


This is the Romero and Russo approved prequel to the original film. You remember when Ben tells his story about what happened at a dinner; well this is it!

55. Night of the Living Dead – Annual


The story is set one day after the night of the living dead events. It follow a scientist and a young girl trying to get to her father who is a reporter.

56. Night of the Living Dead (by FantaCo, ’91)


A very good black and white comic adaptation of the film.

57. Night of the Living Dead – London


The royal family and zombies, not reptiles! A well written and great looking two part graphic novel!

58. On the far side of the Cadillac Desert with dead folks

A classic!

59. Pieces for Mom


How will children act in the upcoming zombie apocalypse? It’s an excellent question, and this graphic novel might give you an answer… though you may not like it.

60. Plague of the Living Dead


Jessica Price and the other residents of Stone Mountain, Virginia have anxiously watched the nightly news broadcasts, awaiting some word that the war in Vietnam will soon end and that the men that they love will return home safely.

But now, other more disturbing reports begin to fill the airwaves, detailing the bizarre phenomenon of cannibalistic ghouls rising from their graves, hungry for human flesh.

And this unprecedented horror is now lurking outside the doors of Stone Mountain, waiting to rip into the unsuspecting residents and feast upon their blood-drenched remains.

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