Zombie Comic Books 7

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61. Raise the Dead


A zombie tale set in the middle of a full scale zombie infestation!

Starts in media res and keeps on going full force, very good storytelling and very good artwork!

62. Realm of the Dead


Deadworld and The Realm together!

In this epic crossover, two of the longest running independent comic titles team up for a crossover as King Zombie comes from the Deadworld into the land of The Realm as a horrific and evil plague sweeps over the land.

The only hope for The Realm are the dreaded and castoff Night Creatures…the only ones who can stand against the hordes of the dead that threaten to consume the land.

63. Re-Animator: Dawn of the Re-Animator

Plot: –

If you find it elsewhere on the net, or some info on it please drop us a message!

64. Reiko The Zombie Shop


Terror has struck the sleepy little town of Shiraike.

A serial killer stalks the streets murdering innocent girls.

Twenty-nine grisly murders have been committed, with no clues to catch the killer.

Until the town receives a strange visitor: a beautiful young woman who can raise the dead. She is Reiko: The Zombie Shop, necromancer for hire.

For a price, she’ll wake your dead, if only to find a clue to their demise, but she’s not responsible for what the dead will say or do once they awaken!

65. Remains


When the world goes mad, a blackjack dealer and an exotic dancer are mysteriously spared.

But now they’re trapped in Reno, surrounded by a veritable army of the undead—and with no idea what might wait for them beyond the city limits if they can escape.

Are they the last man and woman on Earth? And if so, how long can they last?

It’s author also made 30 Days of Night… so i ordered me some Remains. From what little I’ve seen the plot seems good and the art surprisingly simple yet awesome.

66. Resident Evil


What would this list look like without a Resident Evil title on it? Well, the series has 4 comics.

Resident Evil: The Official Comic Book Magazine

Pretty rare as it was printed in small quantities.

67. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

68. Resident Evil: Fire and Ice

The 4 issue miniseries

69. Resident Evil


Centers around two original members of the BSAA named Mina Gere and Holiday Sugarman. It is a prequel to Resident Evil 5

70. Roadkill Zoo


Four college students who get lost in the swamps on their way to Mardi Gras find themselves on the road trip from hell.

After running over a raccoon on the road, things quickly go from bad to worse when they take a detour to visit the ruins of an old plantation and accidentally hit the voodoo high priest who lives there.

The voodoo priest summons up an army of undead roadkill to take out revenge on the hapless teenagers.

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