Zombie Comic Books 9

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81. The Dead


A family with their friends get together for a summer vacation at the cabin in the woods when hungry flesh-eating zombies show up and young teens are the only ones left to defend humanity.

82. The Last Christmas


After the apocalypse, no one is safe; not even at the North Pole. After tragedy strikes, Santa withdraws from life and turns his back on Christmas.

When he finally emerges from seclusion, the old world is gone forever, and as Santa struggles to find his way in a post-apocalyptic world, can he find a way to save Christmas too?

Could be an excellent way to introduce the little ones to the zombie threat.

83. The Living Corpse


The dead have risen with a taste for human brains, but one among them has developed a conscience.

84. The Lurkers


Los Angeles detective Jack Dietz is having one of the worst days of his life.

One body is bad enough, but when another turns up with human bite marks, he knows his world has just turned inside out…

Steve Niles… a busy bee that he is :).

85. The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics

Stories from Vincent Locke, Steve Niles, Hideshi Hino, Joe Lansdale, and many others.

86. The Prowler in White Zombie


A comic based on the first zombie movie ever, White Zombie.

87. The Red Seas: Under the Banner of King Death


Jack Dancer, formerly of the Royal Navy, and his motley crew are wanted pirates, preying on the many merchant ships that travel their waters.

But when they unwittingly steal a magical object, they attract the attention of the mysterious Orlando Doyle and his undead army!

88. The Undead

Undead zombies rule the world, and the few humans left are hunted for food. The zombies are intelligent and well organized.

89. The Walking Dead


If you’re reading this and haven’t read The Walking Dead… GO READ IT NOW!

If you’re reading this and have read it… what are you doing here? GO READ IT AGAIN NOW!

90.The Walking Dead


This is an older comic that goes back to 1989. It’s inspired by the Night of the Living Dead.

A group of humans fights a horde of zombies.

If you happen to find the special edition don’t you dare not buy it, it’s an awesome copy which gives a little bit of insight into what inspired the character

of young Carl from the Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.

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