Zombie Free Stuff – Come And Get It!

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Whenever we find it, we’ll make sure you get it! ;)

Let’s start off with some zombie comics.

Dead Space is quite a franchise. You have the 2008 animated movie Dead Space: Downfall; which is a prequel to the game Dead Space that takes place after it’s prequel Dead Space: Extraction (which is set at the same time as the animated film). If you thought that was confusing…there’s a 2008 comic book named Dead Space, which takes place before the animated movie.

Here’s a free preview of the first issue: FIRST ISSUE

If you’re thinking about buying the 28 Days Later comic book by BOOM! studios, check out the free preview of their #6 issue: 28 Days Later #6

If that wasn’t enough reading for you, let’s jump to some books, shall we.

Monster Island is a novel posted in blog format. It is set in Manhattan, one month after New York has been overrun by zombies. Monster Island is the first volume in a trilogy. The second part is Monster Nation which tells the story of how the epidemic began and how it spread so rapidly. Lastly, the third part is Monster Planet Which is set twelve years after the events of the first two novels.

Zombiestories is a blog with a few quite good short stories, be sure to visit it; it may have just what you’re looking for!

Cybertales is a website that belongs to Mark Clodi. It features pretty good stories like Billions, Outbrake, Undead Advantage and others in his opus titled The Zombie Chronicles.
Be sure to tell him what you think of his work…who knows, you might even support his work ;).

Other freebies:

7 Free Zombie Board Games

Play Ad-Free Zombie Flash Games

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