Zombie Hoodies

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If you’re here it means winter is either here or it is fast approaching. Just please don’t tell me you already caught a cold and are just now looking for a warm hoodie to keep you safe and healthy during the autumn and winter.

To protect you from the mentioned hardships of the colder part of the year we’ve created this selection of zombie hoodies for you. Ranging from The Walking Dead hoodies to funny message hoodies. Also, all of you gore fans are sure to find something to your liking :).

So enjoy, AND STAY WARM! When you’re sick you can’t fight the ZED efficiently.



Don’t Open Dead Inside Walking Dead Hoodie


Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Team Hoodie Sweatshirt



In Case Of Zombification Shoot The Head Hoodie

Just be sure to show signs of life while you’re still alive so no one mistakes you for a zombie :D


Zombie Apocalypse Response Team Hoodie

Hopefully when Z day arrives, there will be a bunch of people wearing this and similar shirts/hoodies.


Keep Calm And Kill Zombies Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie

And stay warm and healthy!


The Walking Dead Walkers Attack Zip Hoodie


I Love Zombies Pullover Hoodie


The Walking Dead Daryl Crossbow Ears Hoodie

A bit gruesome looking but what can you do, we cope however we can and zed has no mercy!


It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Bit

It is all fun and games isn’t it…


I Shoot Zombies Hoodie



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