Zombie Keychain

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Looking for something all nice and zombie to attach to your keys? Check these key chains and other various key accessories. Not only will these scary and hilarious zombie key chains help you not loose your keys ( happened to me once when I didn’t have a keychain… true story and not a cool one ), they will also crack you up and those around you.


For the funny zombie key chains scroll to the end of the post to skip the messy and gory ones; like the one below this sentance :D



Zombie Finger Key Chain

Hand made by the Neatorama crew this zombie finger keychain will surely go noticed. They have a lot of cool stuff like the Zombie Bottle Opener or the Zombie Survival Kit Messenger Bag. Check them out, you will not be disappointed. However be warned that as all of their items are hand made sometimes they can be out of stock unfortunately :(.



Dead Island Promo Keychain

Those of you that have played Dead Island know what this is… those of you that haven’t should :P. Anyways, it’s one of the coolest key chains I’ve ever seen.


Zombikeys Key Toppers

6 funny key toppers. Holding a key has never been funnier… and more comfortable :D.

Keep calm and kill zombies should be trademarked as a mantra for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.


I Love Zombies Lanyard Keychain

You love zombies?



Zombie X-Ing Key Chain!!!!
Zombie X-Ing Key Chain
A nice little simple yellow on black zombie keychain
Zombie Gift Key Chain
Zombie Brains Gift Key Chain
A nice looking zombie… I mean a nice looking keychain :D
Zombie Response team Keep calm and kill zombies Key Chain
Zombie Response Team Key Chain
We are all part of one giant Zombie Response Team



Plants vs. Zombies Lanyard Keychain

For all those Plants vs Zombies lovers out there! A PvZ lanyard with awesome details.



Tofu the Vegan Zombie Keychain

A really really cute zombie. I mean it’s Tofu… THE VEGAN ZOMBIE!11! Gotta love that!




Zombie Key Cover

It might look a bit like Spock but don’t be fooled! It IS a zombie.. we think


Vegan Zombie Key chain
Vegan Zombie Key chain
Vegan zombies crack me up a bit whenever I see them. I would really really love to know who came up with the vegan/zombie spoof and give him a little medal :)
Zombie Bear Key chain
Zombie Bear Key chain by
Awww, look at the little cute zombie teddy bear.
Evil Zombie Easter Bunny Rabbit Overload Key Chain
Evil Zombie Easter Bunny Rabbit Overload Key Chain
Be it easter time or not I am always creeped out by bunnies, and especially by zombie bunnies. I mean just look at the it! It looks mean.




Hope you enjoyed our selection of zombie key chains, key covers/toppers, lanyards and all the other accessories a key might need.


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