Zombie Knife

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The knife is an essential tool in any survival kit. The differences between a zombie apocalypse survival knife and your regular everyday end of the world knife are numerous. We’ll start off with the obvious rules you must respect in order to survive and not put yourself in danger.


KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife


The only thing you’ll accomplish with a folding knife is either a seriously injured fist or a sharp stick at best.  You can not slash a zombie to death, you have to destroy its brain; which requires penetrating the skull and we all know you won’t be able to do that with a mere pen knife. Don’t get me wrong, a pen knife is a very useful tool to have, just not as your primary weapon or secondary for that matter.


You don’t need it; it has a better chance of confusing you rather than helping you. Most multi tool knives come with a serated blade i.e. a saw blade. You might think that’s pretty cool and quite handy… but it’s not! Imagine your blade piercing the skull of your average undead and now stop; because that knife is not coming out of there. The saw will get stuck to the skull while pulling it out.


The only useful jobs these two can do is clean the dirt under your fingernails and impress the local non-zombie kids.

Also, a very important thing is that the butterfly knife multi tool knife, folding knife and the switchblade usually don’t have a hand guard to protect and prevent your hand from sliding from the grip of the knife to the blade of your weapon and immobilizing it for the duration of your stay in the zombie infested world;  game over.


Unless you’re an expert at using them, and even then, please be careful. You have to have quite a powerful hand to throw a knife through someone’s skull, and you have to be a pro to hit the eye. It’s all fun and games when you’re out in your backyard practicing throwing (I have to admit I do it from time to timeJ) but imagine two or three flesh eaters coming your way. Besides, throwing knives are very hard to use in hand to hand combat.

5.       NO RITUAL KNIVES (Athames, Daqtagh…)

They look cool and that’s about their only perk. Similarly, most ritual knives you’ll ever encounter are just made to look good and will brake easily.

If you happen to only have one of these knives at hand, try not using it in combat and instead make an improvised spear. It’s really easy to do if you follow a few simple rules.

1.       Find a good solid piece of wood; a broom stick is ideal.

2.       Don’t make the tip of the spear too sharp or too blunt (a 30 degree angle is perfect)

3.       Use fire to harden the tip. If you don’t do this the tip will deteriorate quite fast and easily after the first few successful zombie kills. Put the tip over the fire and rotate the spear while waiting for the tip to change color to a slightly darker one. If you hold it over the fire for too long it will turn black and the tip will shatter like charcoal because it will be charcoal.

Enough about spears!

The perfect knife for zombie defense would be the military trench knife or a similarly designed dagger. Trench knives were designed for WW I trench combat, they were made to pierce the enemies helmet and skull!


Although these two knives are exactly what we’re looking for they can not compete with the superior quality of the KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife.


Also remember, watch out that the weapon you choose has some sort of lines or grooves on the sides of the blade. These will make sure you are able to retrieve the knife out of a zombie’s skull, otherwise there is a great chance that the knife will get stuck because vacuum is created.

Oh and please do not use culinary knives; they are for cutting, not stabbing and they belong in the kitchen… not in zombie hand to hand combat, you are not Steven Seagal.

To summarize, be wise and careful while using knives for anything, especially killing zombies. If you obtain one, read this text carefully and evaluate your weapon. Keep in mind that you need to kill, not to wound! And always remember and shop accordingly: when in doubt, decapitate!

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