Zombie Magnets

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My Fridge has always been overpopulated by boring and extremely unfunny magnets. That is all about to change.

Not gonna tell you which one’s I’m putting on my fridge; but there’s bound to be one here just perfect for you!

Check it out!

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Magnet



Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit



Dawn of the Dead Magnets



Shaun of the Dead Magnets



Biohazard Magnet


Biohazard Car Magnet



Caution Zombie Children Playing Magnet



Zombies Just Want A Hug Magnet


Zombie Hunters League Magnet



Zombie Dead Men Magnet



Zombie Feast Norman Rockwell Spoof Magnet



In Case of Zombies Break Glass Magnet



Zombies Run On Brains Magnet



Zombie Brains Magnet



The Walking Dead Magnet



Viva La Discomposicion Zombie Magnet



Large Zombies Magnet



Set of 5 Zombie Magnets

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