Zombie Makeup Tutorial

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This short zombie makeup tutorial will show you in a very simple way how to do zombie makeup and how to turn yourself into a pretty convincing walking corpse without the Hollywood special effects or make-up. First, here is a list that will help you prepare for your transformation. All of this items listed below can be found in any Wall Mart store.

Food Dye – red and green
Mild Glue (needs to be watered down to prevent from skin rash)
Paper tissues
Eyeshadow – green (for the effect of rotting skin) and red (for the eyes and wounds)
Baby Powder

Honey for zombie make upNow, we can start. First, you take the honey and pour it into a bowl, then mix in the red food dye and stir until the honey turns red (add green dye if you want to darken the blood a bit). And that’s your fake blood!

Fake BloodNext step are the wounds. Take a tissue and glue it to your face wherever you want your wound to be. You can tear it in any shape you wish, just make sure to apply the glue across the tissue. I should mention that you could mix a little watercolors into the glue, preferably some yellow or brown, in order to make the glue more skin-colored.

TissuesNow you can tear the tissue in order to make the effect of torn flesh. When you finish “tearing your face up”, apply the concealer along the paper tissue in order to camouflage it. You can even put a little red eyeshadow around the wound so that it appears infected.

In order to change your face color, apply baby powder and green eyeshadow accordingly across your face. And now, all that is left is to take a small brush and apply the red honey/fake blood into your wounds. And that’s it. Very simple, easy-to-do and doesn’t take very long.

You are now one of the living dead! Enjoy!

Zombie Makeup Kit

If you’re not willing to waste time or are not good at things like these (makeup and stuff :D), you can always get a good makeup kit, like the one in the link above.

And remember: When in doubt, decapitate!