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Dance of the Dead (2008.)


On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn’t get dates to the dance.


Dawn of the Dead (1978.)



Following an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia SWAT team members, a traffic reporter, and his television-executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.



Dawn of the Dead (2004.)



A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.



Dawn of the Living Dead AKA Curse of the Maya (2004.)


A couple purchases a house in the country only to find out a family was murdered. They uncover a curse which brings the dead back to life.



Dawn of the Mummy (1981.)


A group of fashion models disturb the tomb of a mummy and revive an ancient curse. Along with the mummy rising, slaves who were buried in the desert thousands of years before, also rise, with a craving for human flesh.



Day of the Dead (1985.)

A small group of military officers and scientists dwell in an underground bunker as the world above is overrun by zombies.


Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005.)


In 1968, in the Ravenside Military Hospital in a military facility in Pennsylvania, the army loses control of an experiment of a lethal bacteriologic weapon that changes the DNA and transforms human beings into zombies.

Do not be tricked by the title; this is not a good movie.



Day of the Dead (2008.)

A mysterious virus that turns people into the walking dead has infected a town, and only a few survivors immune to the disease must find a way to escape.
Probably the worst remake/spin-off/tribute whatever in the zombie world!


Day X (2005.)


Eleven strangers are trapped in an abandoned steel mill, surrounded by an infected cannibal mob.


Days of Darkness (2007.)

A comet slams into the Earth and unleashes a cloud of cosmic dust that gives rise to powerful zombies with an appetite for human flesh. Successfully avoiding the army of the walking dead and their search for man-sized munchies, a band of survivors takes refuge in a makeshift fortress and braces for a bloody battle for survival.


The Dead


When the last flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, Lt. Brian Murphy is the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living.
A solid low-budget movie. A film worth watching.



Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die.



Dead & Breakfast (2004.)

Six friends on a road trip gone wrong, a sleepy, creepy Texas town, a sinister inn with murder on themenu, and an army of the undead who can only be stopped by decapitation or chainsaw.


Dead & Buried (1981.)

A suspense horror film set in a small coastal town where, after a series of gory murders commited by mobs of townspeople against visiting tourists, the corpses begin to come back to life.



Dead Air (2009.)


Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable persona is put to the test when a terrorist bio-attack unleashes a plague of flesh-ripping maniacs on Los Angeles.



Dead and Deader (2006.)

After he’s bitten by a scorpion carrying a zombie virus, a tough soldier survives the infection, becoming only half zombie. Once back in the US, he finds himself fighting his former comrades in arms, all of whom are turning into zombies!



Dead and Gone (2008.)

A struggling actor moves his comatose wife to their isolated cabin, where he begins to have disturbing interactions with the unconscious woman.



Dead at the Box Office (2005.)


A tribute to the terror flicks of yesteryear follows the staff of an economically struggling movie theater as they host a midnight screening of the original “Night of the Living Dead.”

When an evil force begins wreaking havoc during the screening, the employees must deal with cannibalistic customers and paranoid government agents as they try to stay alive.



Dead Clowns (2004.)


As a hurricane approaches the small coastal town of Port Emmett an innocent group of residents are visited by an unspeakable horror. Fifty years ago a bridge collapsed in the small town plunging a circus train into the dark water below.

The clown car was never recovered. Tonight the zombie clowns emerge from the bay to exact revenge on the descendants of those who left them buried under the silt and mud for half a century


Dead Country (2008.)


A small town in Australia becomes overrun with the hungry undead when an alien vessel explodes in the sky and dumps its toxic, zombie-making cargo on the innocent townspeople below.


Dead Dudes in the House (1991.)


Eight friends go to fix up an old house that Mark has purchased. Upon arriving they find the grave of Annabelle (the former owner) in the back yard…




Dead Heat (1988.)


Seems some nutcase has learned how to bring back the dead and is sending them on crime sprees. Now these indestructable goons are in the way of officers Mortis and Bigelow.



Dead Heist (2007.)


Four friends plan the perfect small town bank heist, but choose the wrong night. Their plans go horribly wrong when vampiric zombies attack the town and trap them in the bank.



The Dead Hate the Living! (2000.)


When a renegade band of young filmmakers break into an abandoned hospital to make their horror epic, they stumble upon a real dead body and decide to use it in their movie. They accidentally bring it back to life, open a portal to a dead world that releases dozens of other zombies.




Dead in the Water (2006.)


Hot sisters, Tiffany and Jennica, decide to introduce their meat-head boyfriends to their parents during a weekend retreat in the woods, where zombies attack the cabin and death comes for them with a vengeance!




Dead is Dead (1992.)


Eric Shepherd searches for answers into the death of his brother. What he finds is a drug called “Doxitol” which can grow back severed limbs and bring life back to the newly dead.




Dead Life (2005.)

A deadly virus called Necrotizing Faceitis M is running rampant through Midwest America killing the living and reviving the dead.



The Dead Live (2006.)


A News Crew gets wind of the story of the century when they learn that the dead are returning to life.



Dead Meat (2004.)


Hell on Earth is unleashed when a mutated strain of mad cow disease infects the countryside turning people into ravenous flesh-eating zombies.




Dead Men don’t Die (1990.)


A reporter investigating a drug dealing ring is murdered. Brought back to life by the voodoo spell of a cleaning woman, he goes after his killers.


Dead Men Walking (2005.)

A viral outbreak turns those who are infected into the walking dead. Soon, the undead are contained, being kept in a maximum security prison.




Dead Moon Rising (2007.)

A mysterious disease overtakes the world, and the infected develop a hankering for human flesh. Jim and his fellow Cheapskate Car Rental clerks are oblivious to the changes going on right outside their door, until it literally gets right in their faces.



The Dead Next Door (1989.)

The government sets up a Zombie squad after an epidemic has made the world run rampant with living corpses. Raimi, Mercer, Kuller, and others head off to Ohio to try and find a cure to the epidemic but soon run into a crazy cult of zombie lovers who are set on preserving the zombies and letting a new world be born because they believe that it’s God’s will.


The Dead One (1961.)


A voodoo priestess sends out zombies to bring back live victims for her sacrificial rituals.



The Dead Pit (1989.)

Dr Ramzi, a deviant who enjoys torturing his patients, is killed by a fellow doctor and buried in the basement of a mental health facility. Twenty years later, the hospital is up and running again and a ‘Jane Doe’ arrives with a case of amnesia. Upon her arrival, a major earthquake rocks the building and unearths the now undead Dr. Ramzi and his legion of Zombie patients so he can continue his work.


Dead Serious (2005.)

A religious zealot and his terrorist cult take over a gay bar in New York City. Their plan is to remove the scourge of homosexuality from the planet. But little do they realize that when the natural order is tampered with, the wrath of the undead is awakened.



Dead Set (TV series) (2008.)


As a Big Brother eviction night looms, Britain is in the grip of an apocalyptic crisis. While the housemates remain oblivious, fast-moving hoards of the undead decimate the studio compound.

A rare gem! Don’t let this one pass you!



Dead Snow (2009.)

Nazi zombies attack a group of friends vacationing at a cabin in the mountains in this chilling, cult-horror comedy.



Dead Space: Downfall (2008.)

An animated prelude of the video game Dead Space

The USG Ishimura, a miner spaceship, is transporting a strange artifact called the Red Marker. In the Aegis VII colony, where the Red Marker was found, there are some suicides and murders and the people are slowly going mad. The people are being infected by something.



Dead Space: Aftermath (2011.)

An animated film based on the video game Dead Space 2.

Dead Space: Aftermath follows the surviving ship crew members of the USG O’Bannon. The year is 2509 and not only has Earth lost contact with the Ishimura and Isaac Clarke, but also now the USG O’Bannon, the first responder ship sent to rescue them.




The Dead Undead (2010.)

Good Vampires battle Zombie Vampires while trying to hide their own identity and prevent the infection from spreading.



Deadhunter: Sevillian Zombies (2003.)

A construcion project in Sevilla Spain releases 20 year old zombies into the city.


Death Factory (2002.)

A woman working at a biological research facility becomes ill when she contracts a deadly, new virus. She becomes a half-monster beast and kills her old co-workers.


Death Metal Zombies (1995.)


Brad Masters enters a contest and wins an album by his favorite band of all time, Living Corpse. The tape has a special song called “Zombiefied”, which turns Brad and his friends into zombies at a party.



Deathwatch (2002.)


In the middle of World War I, nine British soldiers caught behind enemy lines seek refuge in a complex network of German trenches. What they soon discover is that they aren’t alone…and it isn’t a German soldier that’s hunting them down.



Deep River: The Island (2009.)


Six friends fight for survival in a small Canadian town overrun by the undead.



Demoni 3 AKA Black Demons (1991.)


Three college students, another couple, their housekeeper are besieged at a remote Brazilian plantation by a group of zombies raised by a voodoo curse.


Descendents AKA Solos (2008.)

In an unknown future, the earth has been destroyed by man and the air is polluted with a mysterious virus that turns humans into zombies.




Devil’s Playground (2010.)



As the world succumbs to a zombie apocalypse, Cole a hardened mercenary, is chasing the one person who can provide a cure.


Diary of the Dead (2007.)

A group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own.



Die and Let Live (2006.)

A medical testing facility has had an outbreak of test subjects for an experimental virus that revives the dead. When the infected undead show up at a nearby party, it’s up to Benny and Smalls to try to save the day.



Die You Zombie Bastards! (2005.)

The World’s First EVER Serial Killer Superhero Rock’n’Roll Zombie Road Movie Romance.


Die Zombiejager (2005.)


In a not too distant future Gothenburg (Sweden) has been invaded by zombies. the police are powerless and a team of German zombie hunters is called in to solve the problem and clean up the city.


Die-ner  (2009.)

Ken is a wandering and unassuming serial killer who enters a forsaken and empty diner during the graveyard shift where people won’t stay dead.




Doghouse (2009.)


A group of men head to a remote village to help one of their friends get over his divorce; when they get there, though, they discover that all the women have been infected with a virus that makes them man-hating cannibals.



Doom (2005.)

A film based on the 3D shooter video game Doom. Something has gone wrong in a research facility on Mars, and the staff are becoming something unimaginable. All research has ceased and the facility has been placed in quarantine.




Doomed (2007.)

In the near future, prison inmates are given the opportunity to compete in a Survivor type reality show in order to gain their freedom. They are released onto a small island, and if they can make it to the other side, they win. Unfortunately for them the island is populated by zombies



Doomed to Consume (2006.)

A small Mid-western town is thrust into chaos after an airborne virus swiftly turns most of the locals into raving mad zombies with an insatiable hunger for the living.



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