Zombie Movies G

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Gallowwalker (2010.)



A cursed gunman whose victims come back from the dead recruits a young warrior to help in the fight against a gang of zombies.




Gangs of the Dead AKA Last Rites (2006.)

In Los Angeles, a meteor bringing some sort of disease falls on a group of homeless and turns them into zombies.



Garden of the Dead (1974.)


Convicts on a chain gang sniff expermental formaldehyde fumes to get high. They attempt a prison break and are shot down by the guards. Buried in the prison garden, they rise from the dead.



Gatekeeper: Unlock Your Worst Fears (2008.)

Young hockey players find themselves stranded in the Welsh wilderness along with a mysterious American stranger. When they come under attack from marauding zombies, can the group stave off the feast of the walking dead?



The Ghost Breakers (1940.)

Mary Carter inherits her family’s ancestral home, located on a small island off Cuba, and, despite warnings and death threats, decides to take possession of the reputedly haunted castle.
Only one zombie… and it’s a comedy, from the 40’s.




The Ghost Galleon (1974.)

The living corpses of the Satan-worshiping Knights Templar hunt for human victims in a 16th century galleon.




Ghost Lake (2004.)

In a small town in upstate New York, local residents were drowned as a dam was built and the town was flooded to create the Rushford Lake. One hundred years later, the souls of the drowned are becoming restless.




Ghost Brigade AKA Grey Knight (1993.)

Slave traders bring back evil voodoo entity that is accidently freed by the Confederate army during the Civil War. The entity possesses the bodies of the dead soldiers to create an army of its own bent on conquest, using the corpses of both the North and South.



Ghosts of Mars (2001.)


A story of human colonists on Mars who must be rescued after becoming possessed by vengeful Martian ghosts.



The Ghouls (2003.)

For years, Eric has lived off of other people’s pain and misery. But he’s about to discover something beneath the streets of Los Angeles even hungrier for blood than he is. He’s about to discover The Ghouls.



GoreGoyles: First Cut (2003.)

Two horror tales. The first involves a mild-mannered man possessed by a demon whose evil is always waiting to break free. The second involves a backwater town overrun with zombies and the steps the locals take to prevent further penetration.



Gore-Met, Zombie Chef from Hell (1986.)

A cannibal opens up a seafood restaurant, and kills and cooks people to serve to his customers.



Gory Gory Hallelujah (2003.)

Four actors compete for the role of Jesus get taken as prisoners, they fall prey to an evil conspiracy that can only lead to the Apocalypse. As the oppressed turn against each other and the undead rise, who will emerge as the true Jesus? Can zombies bring redemption, or just eat flesh?



Grave of the Living Dead (1983.)

An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the African desert during WW II comes up against an army of Nazi zombies guarding the fortune.


Graveyard Alive (2003.)

A shy nurse is bitten by a zombie and becomes a flesh eating sex kitten.



The Graveyard of Death (2005.)


With the police about to re-open the woods again, reports about toxic waste brings a mirror reporter to investigate a army cover-up, little knowing the toxic waste is bringing back the dead.



Graveyard of the Living Dead (2008.)

The scientists of a medical laboratory in Germany are trying to reactivate the brain waves of a recently died human to collect information about the function of the human brain after its death. They are successful but with fatal results! The death body returns to live as an undead.



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