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Tele-Zombie (2004.)

Formerly famous hypnotist plots his revenge against those he feels destroyed his career.



Teenage Zombies (1959.)


A crazed female scientist uses nerve gas to turn local teenagers into her unquestioning slaves.




Terror-Creatures from the Grave (1965.)

An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner’s wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways.



They Came Back AKA Les revenants (2004.)

The lives of the residents of a small French town are changed when thousands of the recently dead inexplicably come back to life and try to integrate themselves into society that has changed for them.



They Must Eat (2006.)


A down-trodden warehouse worker commands the forces of evil to do his bidding. Training the flesh-eating ghouls to devour those that stand in his way to becoming a “normal” citizen of society.


Tokyo Zombie (2005.)

When an army of the undead rises from a massive trash peak, two bonehead buddies must survive a non-stop onslaught of hasty decapitations, pervert teachers, stormy romance and zombie professional wrestling. Can even the most devoted of friendships survive an apocalypse of the undead?



Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972.)


In medieval times, a group of renegade knights were executed for their black magic rituals. In 1970s Portugal, vacationing college kids fall prey to the knights’ zombified corpses, ressurrected from the dead to feast on the blood of the living.




Tormented (2009.)


A bullied teenager comes back from the dead to take revenge on his classmates.



Trailer Park of Terror (2008.)


Six troubled teens and their youth pastor become stranded in a ramshackle trailer park where they meet Norma, an undead babe with a killer body and a fatal attitude. They soon discover they are trapped in a bizarre backwoods underworld populated by Normas ravenous brood of soulless, blood-crazed rednecks.



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