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Zibahkhana AKA Hell’s Ground (2007.)


On their way to a concert, a group of teens are diverted by a political protest, only to encounter a family of flesh-hungry psychopaths.



ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009.)


Life is wonderful for the people in the quiet, island town of Port Gamble….until a zombie virus outbreak.


Zombi II (1979.)


Strangers looking for a woman’s father arrive at a tropical island where a doctor desperately searches for the cause and cure of a recent epidemic of the undead.




Zombi 3 (1988.)

When a terrorist’s body, infected with a stolen chemical, is recovered by the US military, the corpse is cremated, unintentionally releasing the virus/bacteria into the atmosphere over a small island. Soon the infected populace mutate into flesh-hungry zombies, and a trio of soldiers on leave must team up with a group of tourists and board themselves up in an abandoned hotel.




Zombie ’90: Extreme Pestilence (1991.)


Two doctors are trying to stop a rampant epidemic of zombieism. They fend off zombies spilling many a gallon of blood in the process.




Zombie Allegiance (2010.)


A zombie/slasher flick set in a post nuclear WWIII America.



Zombie Apocalypse (2010.)

Two college roommates get the fright of their lives when they head out to the bar, and come face to face with a shambling army of the undead.




Zombie Apocalypse (2011.)


Months after a zombie plague has wiped out most of the population, a small group fights their way to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.




Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption AKA Zombie Apocalypse 2 (2011.)

In a world where zombies outnumber humans 10,000 to one, it is impossible to tell the difference between men and the monsters.




Zombiegeddon (2003.)


When the “zombie-looking freaks” begin taking over the world, dirty cops Jeff and Cage find themselves in the unenviable position of having to stop them before it’s too late.



Zombie Bloodbath (1993.)

A meltdown at a nuclear power plant turns a bunch of folks into lethal shambling flesh-eating zombies who go on a gory rampage.




Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead (1995.)


An evil demonic scarecrow resurrects the dead as ravenous cannibalistic zombies who feast on the living.



Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon (2000.)


A bunch of zombies that are used by the government to fight in a major war in the near future get launched into space.



Zombie Brigade (1986.)


When an amusement park is built on the grounds of an old cemetery, the dead rise to take revenge.



Zombie Campout (2002.)

Radioactive meteorites from a meteor shower crash into a cemetery causing the dead to rise as flesh-eating zombies.



Zombie Cheerleading Camp (2007.)

A comedy about cheerleaders, zombies… oh, and a squirrel!




Zombie Chronicles (2001.)

En route to a small town a female reporter runs into a strange hitch-hiker who agrees to help her to her destination. The strange man then recounts a pair of gruesome tales connected to the area: in the first story, an adulterous couple plot to kill the woman’s husband, but eventually suffer a far worse fate themselves when they are attacked by a zombie; and in the second story, a group of campers have their vacation cut short when an undead outlaw takes umbrage at having his grave peed on.


Zombie Commando (2006.)

A low budget german film. When the deadly Z-Virus is stolen from Bio-Tech Industries by rebel security guard Black, it’s up to Ash and Team Alpha to stop him. Unfortunately for them, the virus is released, causing a horde of the undead to take over a small forest, feeding on anyone who crosses their path.




Zombie Cop (1991.)

During a drug raid, a narcotics officer confronts a strange Voodoo priest named Dr. Death, who is chanting. The officer and the priest shoot it out and they both wind up dead. Later, the two rise from their graves and return to the land of the living as zombies. Dr




Zombie Cult Massacre (1998.)

Angry bikers and undead zombies wreak havoc on a zealous religious cult high in the Ozarks.




Zombie Dawn (2011.)

A mysterious mining accident in a remote territory unleashes an unspeakable horror that creates a zombie horde with an appetite for human flesh.




Zombie Death House (1987.)


A renegade federal agent uses a new drug to create an army of unbeatable warriors.




Zombie Dearest (2009.)

An unsuccessful comedian enslaves a member of the living dead to try and repair relations with his gravely upset wife.




The Zombie Diaries (2006.)


A film about three different groups of people documenting a zombie invasion on the outskirts of London.




Zombie Doomsday (2011.)


This film was conceptualized in a few days and shot during a single day… it’s about what will happen when Z is here.



Zombie Driftwood (2010.)


When a cruise ship full of Caribbean tourists turn into zombies two metal fans must battle against zombie Armageddon armed only with a baseball bat, booze…and bagpipes.




Zombie Farm (2007.)

Hell has been unleashed on the small town of Muerto Verde. Inbred cannibal farmers are turned into zombies after Taliban warriors poison the local water supply.




The Zombie Farm (2009.)

A small town is terrorized when voodoo and zombies collide.




Zombie Ferox (2002.)

From deep inside Hell house, Doctor Fogger Medical Deviate has his staff on the look out for fresh corpses for his new zombie army.




Zombie High (1987.)

A woman goes to previously all-male boarding school on a scholarship. She begins to separate herself from her boyfriend in order to devote more time to her new environment. Over a course of time she notices that more and more students have lost their individuality, and approach their activities in a lifeless and automatic manner.

Zombie Holocaust (1982.)

The members of an expedition in search for the last faithful of Kito, the cannibal god, land on a small island in the Moluccas (East Indies) and are soon hunted by cannibals and zombies, these being created by a sinister Doctor O’Brien who is experimenting with corpses.




Zombie Honeymoon (2004.)

After pledging their undying love for one another, the happy newlyweds Danny head to the Jersey Shore for their honeymoon. The romantic start to their new life is cut short when the husband is attacked on the beach and becomes a flesh eating zombie.




Zombie Island Massacre (1984.)


Americans on vacation in the Caribbean take a tour of a nearby island at night and watch a local voodoo ritual. Soon after, they find themselves stranded on the island and under attack by unseen foes.




Zombie Lake (1981.)


In a small village, somewhere in France, German soldiers, killed and thrown into the lake by the Resistance during WW II, come back.



Zombieland (2009.)

A shy student trying to reach his family in Ohio, and a gun-toting tough guy trying to find the Last Twinkie and a pair of sisters trying to get to an amusement park join forces to travel across a zombie-filled America.




Zombie Nation (2004.)

A psycho cop with a weakness for killing his female arrests gets what’s coming to him when a pack of zombie women rise from their graves looking for revenge. It really not a good movie. Sorry.




Zombie Night (2003.)

The survivors of World War III discover they’re not the only ones left —the war’s chemical aftermath has caused people to mutate into flesh-hungry ghouls, and the survivors try to find sanctuary in a world now overrun by the living dead.




Zombie Night 2: Awakening (2006.)


A new deadly virus is transmitted to humans via mosquito bites and then learns to control their corpses. A bunch of survivors let their guard down once they find shelter and sex in each other.




Zombie Nightmare (1986.)

Tony Washington is killed by a gang of rampant trendy teenagers. Molly Mokembe is a voodoo lady who brings him back from the dead to seek revenge on his killers so he can rest in peace.




Zombie Planet Trilogy (2004.)


In the near future, the world has been ravaged by a plague of unspeakable horror. A new carb-burning diet enzyme is the best thing since breakfast until test subjects begin craving red meat and will stop at nothing to get it! Overwhelmed by the numbering flesh-eating populus, the government pulls back into walled-off cities known as “safe zones” where only the wealthy are allowed.




Zombie Roadkill! (2010.)

Centers around a group of college kids as they are driving on an unfamiliar road. Everything seems fit for a road trip to the lake but, when the group accidentally runs over an unsuspecting squirrel, they quickly realize there will be a price to pay. The cursed road brings the zombie squirrel back to life to terrorize the kids.


Zombie Self Defense Force (2006.)

After a UFO crashes… the dead start returning back from their graves.


Zombie Strippers (2008.)

In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club. The virus begins to spread, turning the strippers into “Super Zombie Strippers”.




Zombie Town (2007.)


Local mechanic Jake LaFond’s life is suddenly disrupted when mysterious parasites transform the law-abiding citizens of his quaint hometown into hoards of cannibalistic zombies. Isolated from the outside world by an accident on the only road out of town, Jake turns to Alex, his ex-girlfriend, for help.



Zombie Toxin (1998.)

A dead horse infects two men with a disease that turns them in to zombies. Trash to the max!

Zombie Undead (2010.)


A terrorist detonates a dirty bomb in the heart of a densely-populated city, unleashing a gruesome zombie plague that spreads like wildfire. Sarah’s father was bleeding out, and she knew he would die if she didn’t get him to a hospital fast.




Zombie Vs. Ninja (1989.)


Ethan, a young man, is beaten while his father is killed by a group of thieves. With the help of an undertaker, Ethan trains in kung fu by fighting the dead.



Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras (1999.)

A child grows up studying the occult and plotting vengeance after being brutalized and crippled by drunken Mardi Gras Revelers. One stormy Lundi Gras night he performs a Sumerian ritual which unearths ZOMBIE.



Zombie Wars (2008.)

Fifty years after a world-wide zombie epidemic had begun, a small group of rebel soldiers learn that intelligent zombies have begun breeding humans for food.



Zombie Women of Satan (2009.)

A mad scientist performs torturous experiments a group of kidnapped young women, turning them into scantily clad living dead.




ZombieWestern: It Came from the West

A hand-puppet animated ZombieWestern.




Zombies Gone Wild (2007.)

Three guys go on a spring break trip and find more than they bargain for with a group of female zombies. Not a porn movie! A comedy it is, and not a very good one :(.




Zombies of Mora Tau (1957.)


Zombie-like, dead crewmen of a sunken ship have always prevented salvagers from claiming the wreck’s legendary box of diamonds, but will a new group of treasure hunters succeed.




Zombies on Broadway (1945.)

Two bumbling press agents must search for a zombie to fulfill a commitment to their ex-gangster boss’s new nightclub or face the consequences.



Zombies: The Beginning (2007.)

The sole survivor of the “Island of the Living Dead” is asked by the government to head back to the island where her crew was killed by the zombies. A direct rip/homagge to Aliens.



Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! AKA Strippers Vs. Zombies (2008.)


A drug experiment gone wrong produces a league of blood-thirsty zombies. It is up to a small band of exotic dancers trapped in a gentleman’s club to fight back.




Zombiez (2005.)

A young woman’s nightmare becomes her hellish reality when she finds herself as the only living being amongst the undead. She must survive flesh-eating zombies in her quest to rescue her husband.


The Zombinator (2012.)

A fashion blogger documentary turns into a Zombie horror nightmare when Youngstown Ohio college students come face to face with the undead.



Zomblies (2011.)

When a private militia’s rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call, it’s up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie.




Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun (2010.)

2 brothers break into a warehouse to escape zombies. They are beaten by thugs and a nurse rescues one brother but they are both bitten by zombies…they must find a cure in time to prevent themselves from becoming zombies.



Zone of the Dead AKA 2012: Apocolypse of the Dead (2009.)


Interpol agents must join forces with dangerous prisoner to fight zombie hordes.



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