Zombie Mugs

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Need a special mug for your workplace, your home… your emergency-throw-it-at-a-zombie’s-head mug?
You’ve come to the right place.

We bring you a collection of great zombie themed coffee mugs for your every day use!

These are arbitrary the coolest mugs out there.

for use with coffee, tea, milk, water and other similar liquids
throwing it at a zombie might cause the mugs to break with most probably no zombies dead

Thank you! :)


Zombie Ceramic Mug

This has got to be the coolest mug I’ve ever seen in my life. PERIOD!


A Ceramic Travel Drink Mug with a Biohazard Symbol

Elegant, high quality.. but also expensive for a mug.


A Gory Zombie Ceramic Mug

This one is in my top 2 goriest zombie mugs ever!


Creepy Zombie Head Mug

This one is in my top 2 goriest zombie mugs ever! LOL… and it is also super creepy.


I love you more than a zombie loves brains coffee mug

It’s a nice looking mug… but it’s completely plain, NOTHING like the gory ones above D:


Umbrella Corporation Mug

The perfect mug to subtly freak people out. :)




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