Zombie short stories collections

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The only thing better than a good zombie novel is a lot of good zombie stories. You can’t miss with that; you’ll always find something
suitable to your reading pleasure, or that of someone else (if you’re looking for a cool gift). To be honest, there are a lot of zombie books out there and some of them are not that good and are the length of a Dostoyevsky novel. This is why I personally prefer short stories; even if there are a few rotten eggs in the basket it is easy to skim through them or to even skip a few entirely and move on to better fiction. Full size novels do not offer such luxuries and can sometimes be an incredible burden depending on what kind of a reader are you.
There are a lot of anthologies, collections and whatnot out there so we’ll try to do our best and give you a top 5 and also recommend several others.



The Living Dead


The Living Dead

The Living Dead collection is a love or hate collection for some zombie fans out there cause it is one of the most prolific collections, and not everyone loves diversity.  The stories withing range a great number of years as well as several zombie sub-genres. If you’re new to the zombie genre or are looking for a gift for a zombie fan you won’t miss with this one.
Some of the authors are Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, George R. R. Martin, Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Laurell K. Hamilton, Joe R. Lansdale, Dan Simmons and more.

Book of All Flesh


Book of All Flesh

The Book of All Flesh presents more than two dozen original tales of zombie horror, including works from several authors like: Ed Greenwood, L. J. Washburn, Robert Vardeman, Scott Edelman and others.
This is James Lowders first Anthology and is well worth the time needed to find a copy.




History Is Dead: A Zombie Anthology


History Is Dead: A Zombie Anthology

The living dead have walked among us since the dawn of time. In this collection of gruesome tales from throughout the ages,
the ravenous undead shamble through bloody battlefields, plague-ridden cities, genteel country estates, and dusty frontier towns.
They emerge from foggy cemeteries, frozen barrows, loamy bogs, cursed mines, and gore-spattered operating rooms to prey on the living.
But these zombies don’t just eat people. They help painters and writers save their faltering careers.
They unwittingly push humankind on the quest for fire. They topple evil capitalists and their corporate empires.
They fight crime. They fall in love. All in all, a mixed bag of stories that portrays the history of the undead.

The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology


The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology

Christopher Golden has assembled an original anthology of 19 never-before-published zombie stories from today’s hottest writers.
Inside there are stories about military might in the wake of an outbreak, survival in a wasted wasteland, the ardor of falling in love with a zombie, and a family outing at the circus.
Authors: Max Brooks, Tad Williams, John Connolly, Holly Newstein and many more.

The Undead: Zombie Anthology


This anthology contains 23 tales. All of which are carefully chosen to fit every zombie fan’s taste. Sure, there are a few “experiments”… but this anthology is just what it says it is; a zombie anthology.
Authors of the stories are well known zombie authors such as D.L. Snell and David Moody.

Hope this helps in your quest for the best zombie fiction. Enjoy!

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  1. farmerdude October 24, 2014 6:35 am 

    I am trying to remember a short story I read about a badass convenience store clerk who deals with the undead… does this ring a bell for anyone? Been looking for this story for years.

    Thank you!

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