Zombie Slippers

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We all need warm feet, and what better way to warm them up than to have them in a pair of funny zombie slippers? Kids love these.

Over the years there’s been a bunch of zombie slippers and house shoes on the market like for instance the Plants Vs Zombies Slippers. These were however of bad quality and were removed from Amazon and similar shops. During all that time the slippers from Toy Vault and Think Geek were always available and gained awesome reviews. By the time you’re reading this I’m sure the Think Geek zombie slippers will have over 100 reviews on Amazon. The reviews average 5 stars by the way.

The Think Geek slippers are quite expensive, and cost almost 50$ while the Toy Vault ones cost a much more reasonable 30$.

Scratch that… they are both now more reasonably priced and now’s the time to get em (probably because winter is over).

Either way, we’re sure you’ll love both of them!

Toy Vault Zombie Plush Slippers

Toy Vault – Zombie Plush Slippers

Think Geek Zombie Plush Slippers

Think Geek – Zombie Plush Slippers


On a personal editors note…

Why zombie slippers rule?They rule because in them you can move silently around the house and not a single zombie will hear you… stealthiness is amazing! :)

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