Zombie Star Wars

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If you like zombie parodies and plain ol’ zombie fun, you’ll definitely like this! Matt Busch created 6 amazing Star Wars posters- THE ZOMBIE WAY!!

Check it out here:

Zombie Wars: A New Epidemic

Zombie Wars: The Living Dead Strike Back

Zombie Wars: Return From The Grave

Zombie Wars: The Zombie Menace

Zombie Wars: Attack Of The Undead

Zombie Wars: Revenge Of The Zombies


Anyone enjoying zombies AND Star Wars will enjoy Star Wars Death Troopers; a Star Wars book about flesh-eating zombies in deep space.

Star Wars Death Troopers

I must add a warning however: This book is really filled with gore, unlike the rest of the Star Wars universe. Most 3 stars reviews of this book are due to readears who thought they were walking into a picnic field.

So if you don’t like gore or can’t stomach it… this isn’t for you.

You’ve been warned :P