Zombie Survival

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These are the bare basics of zombie survival, for more tips on tactics and weapons check out our zombie survival articles.


Many people underestimate the threat that a zombie outbreak represents. Zombies may seem like a disadvantaged opponent, but this is far from the truth. Zombie numbers rise each hour, while human numbers dwindle. Zombies require little to no physical maintenance, while you (a human being) require a lot: water, food and a healthy immune system. However, you have a brain, which makes you more than just zombie food.

Zombie survival starts with an easy but crucial motto: DO NOT GET BITTEN.

Got that one down?… good. After you’ve successfully avoided/killed a few zombies and the adrenaline level drops, your human needs will kick in. You need to go number 1 or number 2? Doesn’t matter, both make you a static and easy target. Keep that in mind next time you’re on the toilet!

Zombie Survival

Thirst isn’t a big problem right? You open the tap or open a bottle and all the troubles are gone…WRONG! After our civilization collapses, it’s game over for tap water and bottled
water will number one priority in many survivors’ mind. Do not drink from still waters; ponds, pools, lakes… without boiling the water or at least filtering it with makeshift sand/stone filters. Water purification tablets are a really cool gadget our tech society provides us, so buy some while you still can.

When it comes to food, you’re in the clear for about 2 years of your zombie survival trip. After that you’re back to medieval times. Hunting, fishing, collecting food and growing food. What do you know about any of that? Exactly… so don’t be a bad boy and at least stock up on books concerning these topics.

An immune system is given to us as a gift from mother earth by nature, but it can be greatly improved by using one of science’s great (if not the greatest) achievements: SOAP! Of course, here we have a double edged sword; if you do not wash you will gain water protection (when your skin is stinky and “oily”, rain and water will endanger you less), but you’ll be more susceptible to bacterial and viral damage. Making soap is quite easy, but still a bit textually lengthy so do your own research; lye, honey, oil and those sort of items will be needed ;).

I know what you’re thinking… yeah that’s all great and all, but what about zombies. Right? Well, after you don’t get bitten, it would be nice if you kill the zombie that attacked you. Think of it this way; one zombie down means the odds are better for the survival for the next human being. So don’t be lazy, when you see you have the opportunity to easily pick off a few zombies, do it! A shot/blow/slash/pierce to the head/brain will do nicely.

NOW STOP!!! Do not go to your local gun store to buy a VHS assault rifle and 10K of 5.56 ammo. Noise is very bad, it attracts all sort of attention, including zombie attention. Every time you fire a gun, all of the local zombies will follow that gun shot… extremely not good!

Be careful with knives, their specialty is a slashing attack and believe me; a slashing attack against a regular skull does squat. How about stabbing? Well, knives are short, so you’ll have to get really close to your zombie enemy and even when you do manage to pierce a zombie skull, can you get the knife out really quickly? Vacuum, jaded blades, saws on knives are big problems in this department. See what I mean, it’s a pickle.

Bludgeoning weapons (hammer, wrecking bar, morningstar, baseball bat) require a lot of strength not only to brake the skulls, but also to wield them. If you miss, you’ll lose a lot more energy then if you hit, keep that in mind during your zombie survival. Think about yourself, consider your strengths and weaknesses and choose your primary weapons very carefully.. the rest will come with time, if you have any left!



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