Zombie Survival Kit

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We are certain that by now everyone that’s ever imagined a zombie outbreak scenario has put together a must-have survival kit (in their minds, at least).

And we are also perfectly aware that these sort of post have been done over and over again, but nevertheless here’s ours!

We’ve tried to keep it as realistic as possible and within one afternoon’s worth of shopping.

Having a survival kit or a BOB (Bug Out Bag) is crucial if you’re a human. It would take too long to write about all the possible situations which could occur and a few times during your lifetime definitively will. A zombie apocalypse is a good enough reason as any to get one.

Be it sirens signaling incoming strike aircraft or moaning of your neighbors, you do not want to be listening to that kind of sounds while scraping items in a plastic bag and waiting for that bottle to finally fill with water.

Even though modern day survival kits are rather ill equipped to cope with zeds (read: kill them fast, easy and above else safely), they are crucial for something most zombie enthusiast forget to think about that much: YOUR SURVIVAL!

A world in panic and rampaging entropy is not an easily lootable supermarket. Let the noobs fight over pre-apocalypse luxuries and unnecesary items – and that, my friends, is a certainty; when the shit hits the fan everyone goes mental and runs around grabbing everything they see and think has any kind of value.

For that reason it is only logical to be dependant on what you have in your backpack and inside your head than what’s in the local Wallmart’s sports and outdoors department… which will be crawling with scared hopeless humans being run by their most primitive survival instincts. Did I forget to mention there will be infected people among them? YEP! And we don’t want to face that 30 minutes after we find out Z is among us.

So let’s go! This is what your survival kit HAS to have.


For inspecting and healing small injuries like removing splinters for example. Or even for repairing items and starting a fire.


Much easier to start a fire with a candle than just your matches

Waterproof matches

You can easily make ‘em yourself by dipping the striking heads of the matches in melted candle wax.

Wire saw

A little harder for one person to use on a tree but you probably won’t be chopping down entire forests by yourself.

Sewing kit

Something like this will do but try to get a hold of a few bigger needles and stronger thread as well.


Or a similar emergency fire starter.

Fishing kit

Survival fishing kit

Survival fishing kit

Fish is food and food is good :D



A good compass is a must


… and learn how to use it. Get a hold of maps of your surrounding area and put a good map in your kit.


Be sure to pack extra batteries with it!

First aid kit

Something like this will do but be more prepared, learn about first aid, learn about YOUR conditions.

There’s more in learning than talent to be a good doctor. Research and prepare wisely.


No, seriously! Other than it’s obvious usage condoms can be used to make something waterproof. You can put one in an extra sock and you have a canteen.



A good survival knife is not essentially a good zombie knife. (check out our article on the zombie knife). And the best knife is the one you know how to use without hurting yourself (kitchen knives excluded).

With a knife you’ll also need a sharpening stone, nothing special. A small and portable sharpening tool will do.


Kits are small and do not and can not contain everything you need when emergency strikes, they only have the basic. That is why I prefer and advice everyone to have a BOB

Concerning backpacks I find them the most important and vital items you have, right next to the knife, your primary weapon and your brain.

After all, it’s use will be to carry everything you need through thick and thin. And no one want’s to loose their lifeline while running away from zed.

 Options are limitless so consider a few factors. For instance; if you’re planing on using a bicycle during the apocalypse then something like this might do DAKINE Shuttle Bike Pack

 Do not buy or prepare too large a backpack if you are small in stature; sure, when push comes to shove you can put your gear down and use tactics and outmaneuver the zeds or kill ‘em and return for your backpack… but it’s a risk non the less, a risk you shouldn’t take, unless you’re absolutely confident in your fighting skills.

Something like this could be more of your style

Oakley Kitchen Sink Pack

as opposed to this

TETON Sports Scout3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Imagine what would happen if you tried running with a fully packed backpack like that. I give you half a mile before getting either exhausted or injured.

Waterproof poncho

Waterproof Poncho

Waterproof Poncho

You do not wanna get pneumonia when hiding or running or fighting with zeds. Most better backpacks and rucksacks have their own inbuilt cover from rain or are made from waterproof material so if you do not have any of that please find some fabric to protect your backpack when you stash it or have to be in the rain.

A waterproof tarp or emergency mylar blanket can also be useful.

Sleeping bag

For obvious reasons


Signal flares


Signal flares

Signal flares

When you can’t get out of a situation you can use them to signal for help or even make a distraction. The good ones tend to be very expensive and the cheap ones are not reliable.

Water Treatment Tablets and/or Emergency Water Filter System

 Nylon string

For use with traps, warning systems or when you just need to tie something/someone :D.

Duct tape

Watch a few episodes of Mythbusters concerning duct tape if you’re a non-believer. Everyone needs it!


XTG SOL1500 Premium Solar Charger


I personally don’t own such a device cause I don’t actually like electronics that much (yeah, boo me:) ). However, most people have become rather dependent on such devices and a portable solar charger could be an excellent investment for them; with or without an apocalypse. The one listed below can charge USB devices and AA and AAA batteries, which pretty much covers everything.
You can power up your phones, radios… the whole sha-bang.

Overgrip Tape

The duct tape of the zombie apocalypse! If you’re gonna use melee weapons and we all know you’re bound to do that we urge you to get yourself some overgrip tape.

This is the tape that tennis players use to wrap the handle of a tennis racket. Overgrip tape is extremely useful because it will both  protect your palms and give you a stronger grip with your weapon making it a lot harder to loose control over the weapon or the weapon itself. It helps you not loose grip when your hands start sweating.

It would be a good idea to both prepare your melee weapons with an overgrip tape and have a few extra rolls if the apocalypse gets all out of control and lasts a long time.


A small tool box or a multitool knife

P-51 Can Opener

It costs less than a dollar, and can be a difference between spilling food out of a can and eating a nice meal. You can even put it on a string and wear it around your neck,

might come handier than dog-tags when the Z’s come.


A bike repair kit

Multifunction Bicycle Tool

Multifunction Bicycle Tool

Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

Even the simplest of transportation devices need maintenance and repair every now and then. It would not be nice to try and outrun a horde with a flat tire now wouldn’t it ;).

Emergency Dental Kit

I do not have one, but seeing as I’ve been to the dentist a little too much for my taste I am strongly considering buying one.

Cooking equipment

Consider getting a small pot or two or even a Portable Cooking Kit.

And never leave home without a spoon/fork/knife combo.

Everyone needs water and make sure your BOB has it. If you’re gonna use PET bottles to store it make sure you throw away bottles after 6 months cause then they start letting bad chemicals into your water.

Spare clothing and at least a few pairs of good socks so your feet don’t look like the surface of the moon when you start getting blisters on them.

Duplicates of your personal identification and other essential documents.

Books you ought to read and if possible put in a safe storage somewhere or even take with you in your BOB. I can not even begin to emphasize how reading a few of these books is the best survival kit you can have. SURVIVE BY USING YOUR BRAIN!!

When Technology Fails (Revised & Expanded): A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency

 This book is basically a guide to do and make anything you want from scratch. From medicine to basic metallurgy. Excellent reading material and incredibly good and sound advice.

SAS Survival Handbook

 This is THE BEST emergency survival book on the planet… currently.

A notebook and a pen/pencil to write down any and every information you get while in a survival situation. Not everyone has a photographic memory and sometimes, especially in extreme situations, the mind can play tricks on us. So have a blank piece of paper or two to write shit down!

How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times

The definitive guide on how to prepare for any crisis–from global financial collapse to a pandemic.

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes

Entertaining and useful

If you don’t like reading :P, there’s always DVD’s but remember… you won’t be able to haul a DVD player and a TV set just like that!

All books say the best advice is to build your own survival kit and be very careful about every object and tool you put in it. If you lack interest in doing that the internet is full of ready made kits.

Mayday 4 Person Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit

Escape & Evade Tactical Military Survival Kit

 Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit by Survival Kits Online

4 Person Deluxe Emergency Honey Bucket Kit

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

Emergency Food Rations


Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!



  1. anon April 24, 2012 5:29 am 

    A key book you forgot to list is:
    The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

    Seriously, an article about surviving the zed apoc, and you don’t include the book that started it all.

  2. Shannow April 24, 2012 4:02 pm 

    It’s rudimentary anon! Anyone that hasn’t read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks has got nothing to do here.

    That book has no place in a zombie survival kit, it should be inside your mind!

  3. overlord May 30, 2012 2:52 am 

    you forgot night vision goggles

  4. Author May 30, 2012 10:24 am 

    Thx for the input Overlord!
    I’m against using them myself, they are a high maintenance piece of equipment and you have to bear in mind that unlike a sneaking enemy the Z’s make noise. Also, if they’re the undead kind they won’t give of heat.

  5. chicagorob June 8, 2012 11:15 pm 

    That is assuming that the zombies are in fact dead and cold. The outbreak may not create dead walkers, but diseased, mindless shamblers or the infection may causes the zombie body temperature to conceivibly rise.

    Then again, night vision goggles don’t rely on thermal heat, but gathering and amplifying available ambient light.

  6. Noob March 15, 2013 8:37 am 

    I hope the the zombie apoc starts after 2 years from now (and it should start I hope so)

  7. PErson September 7, 2013 5:21 am 

    You hope so? @Noob

  8. Kris October 22, 2014 6:20 am 

    So I really dig the info on this site. But one question, all the talk of weapons. But what about defense? Like riot gear or a heavy jacket and helmet. Any thoughts?

  9. admin October 23, 2014 10:25 pm 

    I’d be more in favor of leather jackets than riot gear. Riot gear could really slow you down and I’m not sure if it would provide enough of protection against the elements.

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