Zombie Targets

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You know what they say; practice makes perfect.

Combine that ancient piece of wisdom with the newest advancements in the fields of psychology, and self-growth/self-help about visualization and you get zombie practice targets.


Even the military saw the advantage of moving from duck targets and regular targets to targets shaped like the oponnent.

We do not want you to miss or even possibly choke in the upcoming zombie infestations and the purpose of these targets is just that: to aclimatize and prepare yourself for the inevitable… so when the time comes you’ll be fully prepared!


Regular zombie targets with kill and disable zones marked on them.

Regular Zombie Targets

Regular Zombie Targets




Tactical bleeding zombie target is a a life-size mannequin that you can use to shoot at and have zombie target practice. THIS IS IT! Not only does it look like a zed… it provides the blood and gore as well! ENJOY! :D

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target


Zombie Targets – Variety Pack


Zombie Targets - Variety Pack

Zombie Targets – Variety Pack, A

Zombie Targets - Variety Pack

Zombie Targets – Variety Pack, B


Pretty decent packs with some really good zeds.

Check out the Birchwood Casey zombie targets selection, they have some pretty good prints.


Please, share your targets and videos of you practicing with us!

Other zombie weapons & accessories:

Zombie handguns

Weapons of The Walking Dead!

Zombie Knife

The Crossbow


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  1. Trebor Dragon March 12, 2012 3:48 am 

    Dude where can I get some of those??? They look awesome!!!

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