Zombie Traps

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It is almost as if it’s a taboo or people just forget about it. OK, traps won’t kill zombies, but they’ll slow ‘em down, cripple them, strand them in a no-exit situation, etc.

Picture this, you scatter these easy-to-make-and-use land mines from the roman empire called caltrops (they were even used in Vietnam) all over an area. A horde of zombies pass over the caltrops which get stuck to their feet. First off, they will hinder their movement. Secondly, the wounded zombie will make a lot of noise on surfaces like concrete, metal, wood. Thirdly, they might get stuck somewhere and even loose the foot when trying to move.

Caltrop zombie trap

Example of a caltrop


An Example of the Caltrop trap

The thing about caltrops is no matter how you throw them on the ground, one sharp point of the caltrop will be pointed upwards; having them could also help you while moving away from a horde, making it easier to pick ‘em off later, when a number of them are slower. Always make the  spikes of the caltrop at least a few inches long, since you want it to pass through the entire foot.

Consider that in the upcoming zombie apocalypse you might save some other survivors’ life just by planting a lot of caltrops. Solidarity is a good thing, remember that. But PLEASE don’t just throw these babies around. Make an obvious sign saying “zombie minefield” so some poor unperceptive survivor doesn’t stumble into it.

Punji sticks

Punji sticks for zombies..

Punji sticks are a personal favorite. They’re just sharpened sticks, that’s it! Imagine a moat (you don’t have to make the moat, use a stream). If used in large numbers they could even kill zombies when they trip over a punji stick and fall onto another one. Try to make a little hook on the sharp end of the stick so the punji stick stays in the zombie’s foot.

How to use punji sticks

How to use punji sticks

You can make rows and rows of punji sticks and put a rope in front of it so the zombies trip over the rope and fall on your death trap. Trou de loup is a hole with a stick, it’s point is to camouflage the trap. Since you don’t need to worry about camouflaging your traps it’s just too big of an effort to dig up the large hole, that time could be spend more usefully. Punji sticks were similarly used with holes in the grounds, again, you don’t need to waste time digging; just sharpen those sticks.

Concertina obstacle trap

Example of concertina

Concertina wire is a barbed wire defense system that’s formed in large coils that can be expanded.  It will stop a group of zombies dead cold :D, a horde will pass through it though. When the apocalypse comes your bound to stumble into some barb wire; USE IT!

If you are trying to fortify a position a do not possess barb wire, do what the Romans did, make an abatis.


Abatis example

You can make an abatis from branches, sticks and all sort of material. Just remember to point the sharp end in the right direction ;).

Cheval de frise

Cheval de frise – an easy barricade for zombies

Cheval de frise is a fancy way of saying a log with sharp sticks on it. If built properly they will make excellent defensive walls, even able to kill a few zombies when they start stacking on the obstacle.

Please keep these items in mind. They may not seem useful at first, but believe me.. they’ll make a difference.

I am not a trapping expert, I know how to make dead fall traps and a few simple snares. But if you’re interested in knowing more about traps, the NTA Trapping Handbook and The Trapper’s Bible are for you.

Within these books are recipes for traps, snares, alarms and whatnot. Be it trapping game for food or slowing/stopping zeds, these are the books.


Until next time, be safe, prepared and remember: WHEN IN DOUBT, DECAPITATE!

Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!

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