Zombie T-Shirts

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Don’t you just hate when you go out zombie hunting and have nothing to wear?

Well, that is all over!

Zombieplace brings you a selection of some great t-shirts that will bring out the zombie in you!

I love writing top 10 or even top 20 articles… but this time I simply could not stop. There’s just so many cool t-shirt designs out there that its really hard to pick the right one. We hope we’ve helped you a bit and if you find something you like there’s a amazon link below the image!



Warning Walking Dead T-Shirt

We are all infected! RUN!!!! :D


Walking Dead Zombie Target Shirt

Remember kids, aim for the head!


The Walken Dead T-Shirt

It’s an old pun, but it’s still funny. Isn’t it?


The Walking Dead Zombie Horde

Thank God they are slow walkers!


Daryl Dixon T-Shirt

The coolest zombie hunter and the champion of humanity, Daryl Dixon!


Don’t Git Bit

Don’t git bit!

Ok? OK!

Get it? Got it? Good.

Fight-The Dead-Fear-The-Living-Walking-Dead-Shirt

Fight The Dead. Fear The Living

Really good advice. Keep that in mind at all times, thank you.



Enter Michone… one of the coolest if not THE coolest entrances a character has ever made on TV.


Team Daryl T-Shirt

The best team to be on, for sure!


Warning, Dead Inside

The image that defined the first season for me. This one will be inside my brain for a long time.


The Walking Dead Survivor Tee

I wish I was a Walking Dead survivor :)


Resident Evil Umbrella Logo T-Shirt

I love this logo! Yeah yeah yeah, I know… it’s an evil international corporation/conglomerate what not that’s hell bent on destroying humankind and the beloved planet Earth but it is still a rather cool looking logo!


Karen Cooper T-Shirt

The first zombie kid in history and let me tell you something. Little Sophia (from the Walking Dead) has nothing on her. Karen Cooper is creepy to the max!


This Is My Boomstick

Not many people will recognize this shirt, but those that do will instantly like you and probably become your BFF for sure!


Call of Duty Black Ops

Shoot em up!


Zombie Apocalypse Response Team Tee

When the day comes, I hope I see a lot of these.


Its all fun and fames until someone gets bit…

… and then it’s just hilarious!


Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

The best mantra and saying for the zombie apocalypse.


Zombie Bait T-Shirt

This shirt is keeping it real… I mean lets be honest here. Most of us will be zombie food when the Z start coming.


Zombie Uncle Sam Tee

Beware of propaganda.


Plants Vs Zombies Brains Tee

A cute PvZ tee.


Plants Vs Zombies T-Shirt

We have the whole gang on this T-shirt, the peashooter, the sunflower, a few zombies…. the works.


Plants Vs Zombies Shirt

Funny and cute, everything that real zombies aren’t :D


Shaun of the Dead T-Shirt

This T-shirt is everything at once… it is a shirt, it is a t-shirt, it is a costume and above all else it is Shaun’s shirt and therefore awesome!


Shaun of the Dead Ed’s I Got Wood T-Shirt

It’s Ed’s shirt… from Shaun of the Dead. Classic!


The Winchester Tavern

One of the rare places in the universe destined to be a safe haven from zombies, for a while that is.


Zombie Hunter Shirt

If you’re looking for what to wear when the Z hit the fan… this is it!


Zombie T-Shirt

A really good zombie image.

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