For the stylish WOMEN zombie enthusiast!

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After we did a post on cool zombie clothing for men, we were swarmed by your requests for cool zombie clothing for women!

So, we are going to right our wrong and bring you a selection exclusively  for the ladies!






Jane Austen knows it

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies women’s t-shirt

Key ingredient

Graaains women’s t-shirt


Attack Attack women’s t-shirt

True that

Zombies were people too women’s t-shirt

My girlfriend is going to get one

The Walking Dead women’s t-shirt

And it’s pretty too

This is my zombie killing shirt women’s t-shirt

The number one most important thing is…

Keep calm and kill zombies

A classic

Night of the living Dead women’s t-shirt

They don’t talk back

Zombies make better boyfriends women’s t-shirt

What else?!

I love you for your brains women’s t-shirt

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