Zombie Valentine’s Day!

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So Valentine’s Day is upon us. And if you’re another guy without a clue what to get your significant other for Valentine’s, why not go with something zombie?

It’s definitely original and not cheesy ¬†as chocolate and roses and teddy bears and vampires…

But in case you do wanna be cheesy and use zombies you can always get:


This zombie Cupid

Zombie Cupid Rose/Pencil Holder


Or a zombie love book

My Zombie Valentine

Maybe a t-shirt for her

Attack of the Valentine’s Zombies Women’s T-shirt


Or a cool pajamas set for him

Zombie Valentine’s Penguin Pajamas


Here are some other cool shirts for Him

Happy Valentine’s Day Long Sleeves T-shirt


Funny Zombie Valentine’s Day T Shirt Heart


And another zombie love book for her

Love is Dead: A Zombie Anthology


You should¬†definitely take a look at these great Valentine’s Day cards as well

Zombie Valentine's Cards

Zombie Valentine’s Cards

And if that’s not enough, we’re sure you’ll find something you like here

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