Zombie Video Games 3

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24. Zombie Apocalypse

Year: 2009.

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The player has to shoot or decapitate zombies across seven different areas.

25. Zombie Driver

Year: 2009.

Platform: Windows

An overhead-view mission-based driving game taking place in a zombie apocalypse.

26. Rock of the Dead

Year: 2010.

Platform: Wii

Players must bring down attacking zombies with music by using a guitar controller.

27. Blood Drive

Year: 2010.

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Vehicular combat game featuring six arenas filled with zombies, players control drivers who must either defeat zombies or other drivers, dependant on which level is being played.

28. Dead Nation

Year: 2010.

Platform: PlayStation 3

PlayStation Network dual-stick shooter. The game detects players’ geographic locations and groups them accordingly within the game world, displaying players’ progress in that region.

29. Undead Knights

Year: 2009.

Platform: PlayStation Portable

A hack ‘n slash game featuring a trio of undead knights who can reanimate their victims as zombies and send them into battle.

30. Burn Zombie Burn!

Year: 2009.

Platform: PlayStation 3

Zombies appear in waves and must be destroyed by being set alight

31. Touch the Dead

Year: 2007.

Platform: Nintendo DS

On-rail, first-person shooter. A prisoner named Rob Steiner escapes from jail while battling countless zombies, the player attacks by using the console’s touch screen.

32. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Year: 2005.

Platform: Mac OS X, Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360

A third-person comedy game played as the titular zombie. Humans are converted into zombies when killed by Stubbs, creating an army of zombies.

33. Martian Gothic: Unification

Year: 2000.

Platform: PlayStation, Windows

A science fiction survival horror starring three astronauts who investigate an incident in a scientific-research base on Mars. The trio must combat zombies while solving puzzles and piecing together what happened to the colony.

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