Zombie Wall Decals & Posters

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Have you ever considered putting a big zombie head right in the smack of your living room?

Well, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do that. Especially with these great zombie decals! Who says your living room wouldn’t look better with one of these bad boys on the walls!

And for the rest of your house, we bring you a selection of some awesome zombie posters!

Wall Decals

I love wall decals, they’re a lot easier to deal with than standard wallpaper and can look truly cool and liven up (or should I say deaden) the room.


Zombie Outbreak Unit Wall Decal

Just so everyone knows that you have plans for the zombie apocalypse and that you’re gonna be on the right side, the winning side!


Zombie Head Wall Decal

A stylized zombie head, for target practice :)


Zombie Wall Decal

Not all zombies have to be serious, this one is funny.


Zombie Evolution Vinyl Wall Decal


Zombie Apocalypse Vinyl Wall Decal

Looks like Night of the Living Dead inside your house. Handle with care as this wall decal is not for the weak hearted :D


Zombies Vinyl Wall Decal

Arrange them however you want. These zombies are big and will easily decorate an entire apartment, let alone a room.


In Case of Zombies… Shotgun Case Wall & Window Decal

I can just imagine the outbreak happening and you looking sadly at this wall decal :D


Zombie Hand Wall Decal

THE HAND!! THE HAND! This iconic zombie image is ideal for any home; at least in my mind.


There are so many cool zombie posters out there that I just could not stop, we’ve found a lot of cool items and a bunch of them unfortunately did not make the cut. I own a few but damn.. I could break my monthly budget if I got all of the ones I would want to have…. so please, be careful. Do not over spend. Pick one or two. I am serious, I have a few posters in my storage room that I just can not fit anywhere.


Area Checked for Zombies

Awesome for the entrance to your room/man cave.

Brains poster


This Obama spoof will never get old.. well maybe in like 20-30 years. But I mean look at Uncle Sam WW2 posters, they are still around.


Fight the Dead, Fear the Living Poster

So true, we must be weary of other humans when Z comes.


Walking Dead Poster

A creepy Walking Dead Poster.


Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

This one is my favorite, the blood detail is simply amazing. Love it!

Warning Zombie-Hunters-Only-Beyond-This-Point-Poster

Warning Zombie Hunters Only Beyond This Point Poster

I am of the firm belief that everyone should be a zombie hunter. Even children should be trained in zombie disposal and management. Like in “Fido” or the “Walking Dead”.


Dawn of the Dead Poster

The original Dawn of the Dead poster. This one is a classic and I am still baffled that they could not make a better poster for the 2004 remake.

The Evil Dead Poster

The Evil Dead Poster

Again, an awesome movie poster for an awesome movie!

Night of the Living Dead Poster

Night of the Living Dead Poster

Is it just me or is this one extremely creepy image?

Zombieland Poster

Zombieland Poster

Double-tap to the max!


Zombies Hate Fast Food Poster

This has got to be one of the best motivational messages EVER! GO EXERCISE!


Zombie Research Facility Poster

I am not going in there. Not now not ever.


Call of Duty Zombies Poster



Don’t Open Dead Inside Walking Dead Poster

The sign says it all.


Zombie Fallout Shelter

Looks cool, but remember, fallout shelters usually have one or maybe 2 entrances/exits.


Caution Zombies Poster

I hope they won’t be runner zombies but slow zombies.


Zombie Survival Poster

I hope the CDC will be prepared and super organized.


How to Survive a Zombie Attack Poster

Almost everything you need to know about how to survive a zombie attack is on this highly educational poster.


Warning Area Not Checked For Zombies Poster

A nice warning… very civilized.


Warning Please Do Not Feed the Zombies

You might think this is self evident and that everyone knows you should not do that.. but you never know who’s out there :D



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