Zombie Weapons: Spear

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There are only two weapons that are surely older than the spear; the hammer (a flat rock) and the knife (a sharp rock).

The spear is a mighty weapon in the hands of a skilled warrior. This is true whether you’re combating humans or a bunch of zombies, but let’s focus on fighting zombies.

The length of a regular spear is rarely shorter than 4 feet (1.5 meters) giving you the best range you will ever get in melee combat. Most swords and bludgeoning weapons are quite shorter than 4 feet and require you to truly get close and personal with the enemy; which  of course should be avoided at all times if you’re not a proficient melee fighter.

Zombies can not do this… but you can!

A lot of people forget that you can use both the tip and the handle of a spear as a weapon. You can spear or simply create a distance with the tip and if a zombie gets too close to you your spear automatically turns into a staff which you can  use to hit or push the Z away. You can also tip over or trip the zombie opponent with both ends of the weapon making your finishing shot a hell of a lot easier (in medieval combat a lot of kills were made by making your opponent loose balance and then finishing him while he’s on the ground, giving you complete control over the situation).

Understand that the length of the spear allows you to attack zombies through various obstacles and on various terrain with much greater safety than most melee weapons.
You can stab ‘em through windows or a fence and you can also attack from a safe height (a higher floor or even a tree) and not only a safe distance. But please don’t throw your spear
at zombies; you will loose it and there’s a 99.5% chance you won’t kill the zombie you threw it at, unless you’re a professional of course.

As with all weapons and especially melee weapons there are a lot of catches and problems. Melee weapons rely on the STRENGTH, SPEED and STAMINA of the wielder; you won’t
be effective with a spear if you don’t have the attributes to wield it properly… you’ll only strain, exhaust or even worse, hurt yourself. And we don’t want that! So work out!

Keep that in mind at all times, thank you!


Check out this really affordable spear from Cold Steel, it is an overall best buy spear you’ll find anywhere.


Cold Steel Long Spear


The good thing about spears is that you can make a makeshift spear virtually out of any long stick:

1. Find a good solid piece of wood; a broom stick is ideal.

2. Don’t make the tip of the spear too sharp or too blunt (a 30 degree angle is perfect); you’ll need a knife to do step 2.

3. Use fire to harden the tip. If you don’t do this the tip will deteriorate quite fast and easily after the first few successful zombie kills.  Put the tip over the fire and rotate the spear while waiting for the tip to change color to a slightly darker one.  If you hold it over the fire for too long it will turn black and the tip will shatter like charcoal because it will be charcoal.
As with a lot of melee weapons we at ZombiePlace would like to urge you to get yourself some overgrip tape.

This is the tape that tennis players use to wrap the handle of a tennis racket.

Overgrip tape is extremely useful because it will both protect your palms and give you a stronger grip with your weapon making it a lot harder to loose either control or the weapon itself.

It helps you not loose grip when your hands start sweating. It would be a good idea to both prepare your melee weapons with an overgrip tape and have a few extra rolls if the apocalypse gets all out of control and lasts a long time.


Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!


Another great zombie weapon: The baseball bat



  1. Aaron October 22, 2012 5:52 pm 

    Good points, all. I feel the spear is under-considered against zombies.

    I imagine a good strategy when defending against a group is to grab some high ground just out of reach (top of a truck/van/RV/trailer/roof/etc) and just downward spear each attacker’s head–one at a time–until the threat is gone.

  2. ixian March 23, 2013 10:15 pm 

    Yeah Aaron! or imagine a spear in the Walking Dead / Prison episodes… a spear would be the best tool for that scenarion

  3. rbaker1000 May 11, 2013 8:23 pm 

    Great tip about the tape. We’ll have to add that to our list of must haves! Good site by the way. We’re just getting ours started so you’ve got a lot more info than we do, but we’ll get there. Keep in touch, and as always, better dead than zed!


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