Zombies in the Vietnam war!

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Boy, do we have a treat for you!

After The Walking Dead, Image comics has another zombie comic candy for us – ’68!

Anybody who loves movies knows a thing or two about  the Vietnam war. There are just too many good movies about that war! We all have that kick ass mental picture in our heads; sweating in the jungle under the weight of our M-16 assault rifle, trying to light up a cigarette and fight off the mosquitoes all at the same time while Jimmy’s All Along The Watchtower blasts for the choppers speakers overhead.

But there’s not just Charlie lurking in the deep jungle, waiting to ambush you – there’s also Zed!

Image already has a flesh-eating hit with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, and it may soon have another, with the ’68 creative team — writer Mark Kidwell, penciler and inker Nat Jones and colorist Jay Fotos — and their horrific emphasis on war-torn drama, carnage, gore and loads of blood spatter.

“The Vietnam War era provides a perfect backdrop not only filled with the horrors of war, but ripe with social and political unrest, amazing personalities and iconic imagery,” Jones says. “The concept really crawls into your head and sticks.”

In the first issue of ’68 , the world goes to hell right in the midst of the hell of Vietnam on Feb. 13, 1968, when soldiers — both comrades and enemies — begin rising from the dead around a U.S. military outpost at Firebase Aries. The base’s captain and resident physician have to deal with the toe-tagged cadavers in the morgue coming alive, while a Chinese-American grunt discovers a similar phenomenon on the front lines.

There had been many zombie ideas over the years, but Kidwell was amazed no one had ever set an outbreak during the Vietnam War. So his story found its way to Jones and Fotos to complete the team.

A continuation from a 2006 one-shot, ’68 begins as a four-issue miniseries and will continue soon after with three follow-up one-shots: Hardship, Hallowed Ground and Jungle Jim.

The trio hopes to continue their research and story past the initial four issues — why else would they be taking life-sized zombie characters and a customized military jeep to conventions with them? “’68 is the core of what we love to do, and we won’t give that up,” Fotos says.

And here’s a preview just for you (sorry for the censored dialogue):

’68 Exclusive Preview



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