Zombies On Campus!

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Twenty-year old Lincoln University media production student Tom Ridgewell made ​​a series of commercials for his university, but instead of the usual benefits offered by educational

institutions like great technical advantages, tradition and excellent professors , his advertisements contain fights against zombies, fire and dinosaurs attacks.

Tom believes his advertising is much more interesting than the standard annoying commercials,

and hopes that his work might even encourage YouTube viewers to enroll at his university.

‘During one lecture I started imaging myself  on TV advertising my university. But later when I actually decided to record something, I concluded that I do not want to be the center of attention, so I went in another direction and made ​​these ads, “says Tom Ridgewell.

Tom, who makes short film since he was sixteen,  will graduate in June this year.

Although he has worked on hundreds of films during his graduate work, Tom is not running out of ideas and is already planning what to record when he moves to London.


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